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Repêchage Facials
All facial include cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, gentle extraction, high frequency, aromatherapy massage, and treatment mask.


Anti-aging Four Layer ($95).75 min
Repêchage Signature treatment which deeply cleanse, hydrate, rejuvenate, and nourish the skin
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Vita Cura 5 Phrase Firming ($120)75 min
For mature, sun damage, and deep wrinkle skin. This 5 Layers of natural herbal and marine ingredients instantly invigorate, brighten, lift, and firm the skin.
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Biolight Miracle/Glycolic peel ($100)75 min
Brighten and diminish the appearance of hyperpigmented skin due to sun, acne scare, and hormonal changes while enriching the skin with its added anti-aging benefits.
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Hydra 4 Red-Out ($100).75 min
Reduce inflammation, redness, and calm Rosacea and hypersensitive skin.
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Hydra Dew Lift Moisture ($95)75 min
This facial gives your skin a virtual lifting, toning, moisturizing while combating hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.
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Fusion ($85)75 min
Smoothie flavor of Mixed Berries, Matcha, Chocolate, Pumpkin/Vanilla nourish, hydrate, brighten, and refresh your skin.
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Hydra Medic ($85)75 min
For acne skin which needed deep pore cleansing, purifying, and controls existing breakout while soothes and heals lesion and refreshes.
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European Seaweed ($85)75 min
Suitable for all skin types. This treatment aids in cell renewal, hydrates, rebalances, and soothes the skin.
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Clinical ($80)75 min
For combination skin which purifies, tones, and moisturizes.
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Teen Facial ($60)75 min
A customized facial treatment according to your skin condition.
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